GrowthInvest SEIS/EIS Portfolio Service

The GrowthInvest SEIS/EIS Portfolio Service is a discretionary investment management service which allows investors access to a portfolio of 5-10 of the best single company opportunities on the GrowthInvest platform from their experienced investment team. The fund allows investors to choose a blended portfolio of SEIS and EIS qualifying companies or alternatively 100% EIS or 100% SEIS companies.

About GrowthInvest

GrowthInvest is a unique, independent platform which provides access to tax efficient investments to a growing network of UK financial advisers, wealth managers and investors.  The Platform aims to bring the advantages of early stage investing to a wider audience of investors and advisers, who are in a position to benefit from the higher returns these companies potentially offer and tax efficiency via government sponsored schemes. The purpose-built technology allows clients to consolidate, control and enhance their investment portfolio within a single, secure online portal.

Fund Information

Target return to Investors (based on blended SEIS/EIS portfolio option)£2.00 for every £1.00 invested over a five year period
Projected Internal Rate of Return (IRR)Circa 14.8% over 5 years (Excluding SEIS/EIS reliefs)
Investment TeamExperienced team of 100+ years combined experience, leveraging off the due diligence infrastructure of the GrowthInvest Platform
Sector FocusEarly stage SEIS/EIS qualifying companies
Three Portfolio OptionsBlended SEIS/EIS portfolio, 100% EIS companies or 100% SEIS companies
Target Portfolio Size5 to 10 companies
Initial Charge2%
Annual Management Charge1.5%
Performance Fee25% on net returns to investors over 110p per 100p invested.
Launch Date27/02/17
Minimum Subscription£10,000 and in multiples of £1,000 thereafter
Maximum SubscriptionThere is no maximum for an individual Investor.
However, in respect of the tax year 2016/2017 tax reliefs are only available on a maximum investment of £100,000 per individual in respect of SEIS reliefs and £1,000,000 in respect of EIS Reliefs
Target ExitThree to seven years (depending on blend of SEIS/EIS portfolio)

Further Information

For more information, please contact us on or call 020 7071 3926.

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